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100 Concrete Gem Party Favors - Geometric Planters - Wedding Decor

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Perfect for your upcoming wedding or event. Give your guests a stylish, hardy, and eco-friendly gift to bring home. You will receive 4 different shapes to add variety and dimension.

Inspired by sacred geometry, these geometric concrete planters are powerful architectural blueprints we find in nature every day.

The Octahedron - represents the element of Air and is linked to the heart chakra, a place of compassion and love. Helps to create a sacred place for acceptance and forgiveness. (1st planter in 1st photo)

The Icosahedron - represents the element of Water and is linked with the sacral chakra. A symbol of creativity and reminder to go with the flow. (2nd and 4th planter in 1st photo)

The Dodecahedron - represents the element of the Universe. Connected with your higher chakras, this shape is perfect for meditation. Plato described this shape as what “… god used for arranging the constellations on the whole heaven”. (3rd planter in 1st photo)

Beyond aesthetics, the planters offer resource efficiency, durability, minimal waste, and are recyclable. They will never rot, burn, or rust and last incredibly longer than your standard plastic pot. When they have served their purpose, they can be crushed down and recycled. I only produce in quantities needed for each project, reducing waste.

These are individually handcrafted in my studio in northern California.

Octahedron - 2 1/2"W (from widest points) x 1 3/4"H
Icosahedron cut at 1 plane - 2"W x 1 1/2"H - this planter rests on its side
Icosahedron cut at 2 planes - 2"W x 1"H
Dodecahedron - 2 1/2"W (from widest points x 1 1/2"H

**Concrete is sealed for durability. Please note - these are handmade and, therefore, have visible imperfections and have some uneven surfaces.**

~~~AIR PLANTS - are an extremely low maintenance and a hardy plant. They do not require soil and receive nutrients through their leaves. The base of the air plant sits in a hole carved at the top of the planter.
Air plants will vary depending on season and availability. Care instructions will be sent~~~

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