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Himalayan Salt Candleholder - Air Plant Holder

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These salt crystals were formed millions of years ago and have several health benefits, including the generation of negative ions, which aids in emotional balance, air purification, and an overall sense of calm.

The best place for this candleholder is to be quite close to where you spend a lot of time, so you can breathe in the fresher air it generates directly. Tobacco, dust, pet dander, and other forms of air pollution also consist of positively charged ions. By using a Himalayan salt candleholder, you can counteract these positive ions with negative ions, which cleans the air around you, working wonders for those who suffer from allergies or headaches related to poor air quality. When lit, the candleholder gives off an amazing warm glow, which can also aid in meditation and relaxation.

Dimensions vary slightly but are approx:
3-4"W x 2-3"H

**This is a natural stone and variations in color, veining, and texture will occur. Some holders will also illuminate more than others**

~~~AIR PLANTS - are an extremely low maintenance and a hardy plant. They do not require soil and receive nutrients through their leaves. The base of the air plant sits in a hole carved at the top of the planter.
Air plants will vary depending on season and availability. Care instructions will be sent~~~*

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