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Four Faces of Buddha - Concrete Planter - Phra Phrom - Brahma

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This concrete buddha statue is the Thai representation of the Hindu God Brahma who is regarded in Thai culture as a deity of good fortune and protection and one of the holiest energies that created all things.

Each side serves as the four phases of life - joy, sorrow, anger, and serenity. You can't appreciate one, without experiencing the other. They are each a reminder of the impermanence of life and your feelings.

Each statue is individually handmade and I've carved out a hole in the top to fit an air plant, which is included in the price.

Dimensions are approx.: 3"H x 3"W x 3"D (at widest points)

Concrete is sealed for durability.

**Please note these are handmade and variations in color and texture may occur.**

~~~AIR PLANTS - are an extremely low maintenance and a hardy plant. They do not require soil and receive nutrients through their leaves. The base of the air plant sits in a hole carved at the top of the planter.
Air plants will vary depending on season and availability. Care instructions will be sent~~~

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